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    Peter C Selig - San Antonio, TX

    February 2015

    Just back from a two week customized and accompanied walking, camping and lodging safari in the deserted desert of Namibia. Stunning scenery, other-worldly, for those who love solitude and nature with some luxury thrown in. Lovely people and unique accommodations.

    Here is an intro to Lloyd Camp, who is South African, based in London, and who has been running camps and guiding for 25 years in Africa and now has a custom African wildlife guiding service. He is personable, reliable, easy to work with and adds a tremendous amount of information, interpretation and camaraderie for any traveler. We met through mutual conservation friends.

    I think that he has a tremendous wealth of practice and experiences that could help in Africa programs to rise above all others – that edge you seek.

    I hope that you have a chance to chat, then visit soon. Africa is complicated and a bit opaque in my three thrips here over the years, and can be made easier and elevated by someone like Lloyd. The camps just don’t do it alone, completely, even the best ones.

    Until the next trip…Pete

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    Pamela Lodish - USA


    I had such a wonderful time with you when my friend Merrill Hille and I did our Uganda/Rwanda primates trip. And based on that experience and a trip I made to Patagonia, I had my knee replaced in November so that I could continue to be able to dream about such adventures. At that time, you roughed out what I might do with my family should we decide to make a trip to Africa (I know Africa is a big country).

    When I have a great guide, I usually remember their name, as was the case with you.

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