Africa Awaits. Welcome Home.

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Africa can be scary. And thrilling.
Often, that’s the same thing!

Lloyd Camp takes you on an evocative fast-paced journey through some of the wildest places of Africa as he re-lives colourful vignettes from his adventurous childhood and his long career as a safari guide.

He tells about the formative moments that have left him and his clients amazed, frightened and delighted by the manifold surprises that bush adventures always throw up.

This is a charming, funny,thoughtful and often jaw-dropping series of tales that illustrate Lloyd’s enthusiastic delight in being in the wilderness as well as his obvious pleasure in having his clients experience it with him.

Forthright yet light-hearted, here is a story-teller whose suspenseful narrative emphasised both his love affair with the bush as well as the courage and resilience of the Africans (and his clients!) that he encounters in his African Odysseys.

You will enjoy these hugely engaging campfire stories in the comfort of your own armchair and you be so enraptured by the action and vivid descriptions of a dwindling Africa that you too will want to be part of one of Lloyd’s stories.

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